Benefits of customer focus for business

//Benefits of customer focus for business

Benefits of customer focus for business


At Marvel Plumbing and Drainage, our customers are important to us and we are not shy about letting them know.

While it remains a matter of personal preference whether to automated customer service, the very concept of engaging customers at an individual level cannot be underestimated. Every business is unique in the way it sources products, offers services, recruits its personnel and even accepts payment for work done. Customer service is the only aspect that seems to remain constant across the board – every business thrives on the goodwill of its customers!

What are the advantages of customer service to a business?

Customer engagement – there is no greater marketing tool for a business than the opportunity to interact with customers at an individual level. When you come down to the level of the customer, they feel comfortable to share their concerns, give feedback on your business and ask for repeat business. At the same time, talking to them gives them something to speak about when relating to others around them. This is word of mouth marketing and a great tool that all businesses should leverage.

At Marvel Plumbing and Drainage, we care about what our customers think about us. This is why we have a customer-focused approach to business.

Being on time

We know that your time is valuable to you. When you call us to offer you solutions for your plumbing or drainage problems, we are not going to keep you waiting for us. Since we have a 24hour operation, someone will be sent to your doorstep in no time. You can count on us to keep you updated on where our technicians are coming from and how long it will take for them to reach you. Since we have invested in the appropriate equipment needed to carry out various types of plumbing and drainage tasks, we spend pre-established time duration on your premises. We will tell you up-front how much time we need so that it is easy for you to plan your time with us around.

Affordable rates

Our technicians are well-trained and equipped to offer solutions for all drainage and plumbing issues. While we endeavor to offer our best in terms of workmanship and professionalism, you will not find another service provider as affordable as us. When you consider the fact that we are licensed and certified to work on your pipes, have the insurance to cover damages while at work and have warranty for the services we offer, our prices are quite competitive.

Marvel Plumbing and Drainage is your leading customer-focused team of contractors. Call us on 604-729-3864 and experience for yourself.

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