Biggest Plumbing Myths

//Biggest Plumbing Myths

Biggest Plumbing Myths

Biggest Plumbing Myths

When information is passed down through generations, it can be hard to tell if it is true or not. Some of these myths are harmless but others are so detrimental that you would rather know about them than stay in the dark. By getting familiar with some of the biggest myths that surround plumbing, it will become easier to maintain the plumbing systems around you. Here are the most common;

  1. You can dispose garbage safely in the toilet

It is true that toilets are one of the most durable plumbing items in any home but they are there to serve a specific purpose. When you look at the toilet, refrain from thinking about it as a drain for other things other than human waste and tissue paper. The damage might not happen there and then but when you get into the habit of flushing grease, food remains, sanitary towels, baby wipes/diapers and even cotton wool, it is just a matter of time and your toilet will not hold anymore.

  1. Pouring boiling water over drains unclogs them

Since a good amount of grease finds its way down the drain, pouring hot water through the system is assumed to melt the grease. The truth is that hot water can sometimes harden the grease. The only way to remove grease in drain pipes is to prevent it from getting in there. If the pipes need cleaning, get a professional to do it.

  1. If water is flowing down the drain, everything is ok

Well, not quite! If a blockage is developing further down from the draining point, it might be a while before any significant change is noted. Be wary of slow draining of water and most importantly, always make sure that there is a filter in the drain to catch any large debris particles.

  1. All faucets leak

That is not true and in the real sense, even a little dripping is causing more harm than you can imagine. The water that is seems like a drip is adding up to your water bill not to mention that the constant moisture will ruin the faucet. If you notice that one of your faucets is leaking, call the plumber.

  1. All plumbers are the same

This is what most people think; that all plumbers have the same set of skills and will do a job in exactly the same way. In picking a plumbing service to work with, look for one with a reputation of professionalism, reliability, honesty and warranty – no two plumbers can offer exactly the same for all these.

These are just a few of the myths around plumbing that seem to be flying around. If you notice something about your system that you are not sure about, pick up the phone and call Marvel Plumbing And Drainage at 604-729-3864.

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