Do you know what can happen to plumbing pipes during the winter? If you didn’t know, falling temperatures in the winter could cause plumbing pipes’ bursting. As a result, you will face water leakages, water shortages and uncalled for costs dealing with the mess.

You can, however, steer clear of the mayhem by preparing the plumbing pipes in advance for winter. How?

Inspect Walls, Doors and Crawl Spaces for Cracks

Cracks expose your plumbing pipes to freezing. When cold air seeps through the cracks, it causes the pipes to freeze. So, ensure you thoroughly inspect the pipes and the walls for any cracks. Seal all the cracks and use caulking or spray foam to protect the plumbing pipes from the penetrating cold air.

Fix Leaks

Leakages in plumbing pipes are a significant cause of pipe bursts. Cold air interacting with water causes freezing inhibiting smooth water flow and pressurizes the pipes to burst. You, therefore need to check the pipes and repair leaks. Plus, leave cabinets near sinks open to allow heat access to the pipes.

Plumbing Pipes Insulation

Insulating the pipes has several benefits to your home. First, it steadies water temperatures preventing contraction, which causes bursts. The insulation can also help prevent energy loss in hot-water pipes. Thus it is the most reliable way of protecting pipes during winterizing.

Insulating plumbing pipes is something you can do yourself. You can purchase polythene or fibreglass insulation from a local store or online. Before insulation, wrap the ducts in heat tapes for stronger protection against freezing.

Inspect the whole area to find if there are exposed plumbing pipes in unheated areas. Check the garage, basement and attics. You must insulate both cold and hot water pipes.

Letting Cold Water Drip From Faucets

Whenever you suspect it will be extremely cold, allow water to drip from faucets throughout the night. Allowing faucets to drip prevents pressure build-up in pipes from freezing thus countering bursting.

Keep Doors Shut At Night and When it’s Freezing

Doors and windows allow the most entry of cold air into the house. Keeping them shut prevents plumbing pipes coming into contact with chilled air. So, ensure garage doors and all rooms with plumbing pipes remain shut when it’s freezing to keep the rooms warm.

Keep Indoor Temperatures Steady

Thermostats play a significant role in regulating temperatures and cutting down energy costs. During winter you might have to bypass their programs for steady temperatures. Keeping them at a comfortable temperature can help prevent abnormal expansion and contraction of plumbing pipes.


So, there you have proven simple tactics to prepare plumbing pipes for winter. Still, you might take all precautions and the pipes still freeze. In such a situation, contact Marvel Plumbing And Drainage for quick thawing of the water pipes.

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