Protecting your property against water damage

//Protecting your property against water damage

Protecting your property against water damage

We use water all the time and we like it best when it is flowing from the taps. Well, sometimes water can cause more harm than good when it finds its way where it is not needed. Think about your reaction when you come home and hear the sound of running water somewhere when there is no one at home. The first response for most people would be to run to where the sound is coming from hoping that none has spilled over into dry areas of the house. Water damage is pretty expensive and might even cause you to loose sentimental items which you might never be able to replace. Here are some tips that will put you at ease even when you are sure that your taps are open when they should not be; 

  1. If you have an old washing machine, dishwasher or tank supply lines, replace them regularly to maintain a steady flow of water when it is running through these hoses. Old pipes tend to accumulate dirt and this may hander the flow of water to the point where leaking takes place. If you do not arrest such leaks, the water might end up on walls, fittings, and floors. 
  2. Do you have some old angle stops or have discovered that some do not shut completely? It is time to replace them because loose angle stops have the potential to cause serious water damage. Before you replace the affected angle stops, close the water supply from the mains to get the water to stop dropping. 
  3. Winter comes with its fair share of plumbing emergencies. If you have some water lines on the exteriors of the premises where they can freeze, better locate them and relocate them to a warmer part of the building. If such pipes are left as they are, the cold will freeze any water flow and you will lack water during winter. Worse still, the contraction of the pipes during this time may lead to pipes cracking leading to a bigger problem. 
  4. People are happy when the grass on their lawns looks fresh, hydrated and green. That is why many have a permanent hose connection which they can put on and off at will. Well, you will not be using the hose during the winter so why do you need it to stay connected? Think about it this way; in the cold weather, the action of freezing water may cause the hose, feeder pipe or bib to expand. When this water thaws and it settles at the bottom of the pipe surface, slow wearing out will start to take place. Besides, pets have in many instances been responsible for damaging hose pipes because they are fond of tagging on them. 

Do you need a plumber to carry out some of the above recommendations? You can reach out to Marvel Plumbing and Drainage at 604-729-3864. 

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